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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Hello and welcome to my page! :tighthug:
Feel free to take out a chair, fluff up a pillow, take a sip of chamomile tea and enjoy your stay ~
I'm an amateur photographer working hard to get better with practice;
with amazing friends helping me out along the way ♥
Have a great day and thank you for your visit!
Credit for the beautiful icon goes to the most amazing symphonic time-traveller I know ClowderOrigins! ;v;
G | Qia by ClowderOrigins

[i]: potted flower pixel by blushbun [i]: potted flower pixel by blushbun [i]: potted flower pixel by blushbun [i]: potted flower pixel by blushbun [i]: potted flower pixel by blushbun [i]: potted flower pixel by blushbun [i]: potted flower pixel by blushbun [i]: potted flower pixel by blushbun [i]: potted flower pixel by blushbun [i]: potted flower pixel by blushbun [i]: potted flower pixel by blushbun [i]: potted flower pixel by blushbun [i]: potted flower pixel by blushbun [i]: potted flower pixel by blushbun [i]: potted flower pixel by blushbun [i]: potted flower pixel by blushbun [i]: potted flower pixel by blushbun Nikon D3200 Stamp by CroWelsh

Books Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Fairground Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Pyjama Days Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
It came to my attention recently that I had reached the milestone of one-hundred amazing watchers. :rose:
I honestly found it difficult to think about, that's so many people who support my photography. I'm not the most active Deviant in the world and I'm certainly not a professional photographer. It's almost overwhelming, I'm no one special - I'm just a young, self-taught photographer trying her best to learn. But apparently, I'm promising enough to have more than one-hundred people put their faith in my abilities - so, thank you for the amazing encouragement. :tighthug:

In essence, thank you all so incredibly much for your support! To express the sincerity to my gratitude, I volunteered hours and hours of my time creating this thank-you / shoutout journal - an individual thank-you to you all. The thank-you that you deserve. :hug:

I do understand that this journal is unbelievably long, so I categorized you all from the oldest watchers to the newest.

If you were mentioned and you have no idea who I am or why you're here, you'll most likely be near the bottom! x3

Thank you again for all your support everyone, I can't convey in words how much it means to me or how much it encourages me to keep shooting. ;u;


1) April 24 – ClowderOrigins :heart:
You’re such an amazing and loyal friend, I can’t express in words how unbelievably supportive you are - you've truly been with me every step of the way. You’re one of my closest friends and you’re just so amazingly talented, hilarious and sweet. :tighthug:
For anyone else reading this, I can’t recommend Clowder enough – if you haven’t already, go check out her amazing gallery of digital art!
Princess by ClowderOrigins

2) April 26 – Smidgen-Photography

Smidgen is an underrated photographer who takes incredibly interesting shots and deserves a lot more love for their work! They’ve been one of my longest supporters and they saw potential in my photos and supported by art before anyone else did – thank you so much!

3) April 28 – wolfkali
Another long-time supporter close to my heart, Wolfkali maintains and updates a great fiction titled ‘Your Secret Is Safe With Me’ which I recommend. As well as great story-writing, they also have a great personality and you should definitely check them out!

4) April 29 – Oscar-Manuel :heart:

What do I even say? Oscar’s drawings always look so impossibly realistic and appear as though they are photos! Honestly, his work has to be seen to be believed:
Thank you for your friendship and the great conversations we’ve shared – you’re truly so kind and I hope we continue to be friends. Usted es un alma hermosa! :huggle:
Richie Faulkner (Colored pencil drawing) by Oscar-Manuel

5) May 4 – LovePop1 :heart:

LovePop is a lovely person online and in real life – her chibis are simply adorable and I recommend you check out her gallery ^^

6) May 19 – shadowfire2015
Shadowfire is an amazing anime artist and their art is to die for!

7) May 19 – Dan-zodiac
Holy crepe, Dan’s digital art is unbelievably amazing! I didn’t realise until I went through and created this journal, in fact, but he instantly earned a watch back from me. :)
Seriously look at this drawing of a panda! Cuteness overload.

8) May 20 – phizzle30
Phizzle is a photographer with a great personality – thank you ever so much for your continued support you kind soul! :hug:

9) May 21 – GreyPlutoniam
GreyPlutoniam is a great photographer who takes interesting and compelling nature shots – unfortunately you haven’t appeared to have been very active recently, but regardless I’m still awaiting your future photos!

10) May 24 – phoebe-nyan
Phoebe is amazing – she’s such a lovely person but she also draws anime and chibis awesomely! I can tell you now, she’s only going to get so much better with time and you should go give her a watch right now. Right now!
Iris Lily by phoebe-nyan

11) May 28 – F-Lagerdahl
F-Lagerdahl is the first of many photographers on this list who I am genuinely flattered to have watch me. You’re an exceptionally talented nature photographer and your pictures are always so indescribably stunning!

12) June 1 – ambular5690 :heart:

Ambular is a real-life friend who deserves more recognition for her digital art. A Black Butler fan and an avid reader – definitely go check out her gallery!

13) June 5 – EpicSonicFan2003
This person has some great drawings and is a great, supportive watcher :hug:
Your art is definitely on its way and I can tell that one day you’re going to go far ^^
Go give them some support!

14) June 5 – JJJMadness
I don’t know what it is about your art style, but it’s so unique and appealing! I’ve loved it for a long time and I don’t know why I haven’t watched you before now, sorry! Talk about life regrets – go check out this amazing artist!

15) June 7 – SarahSpiders
Sarah takes some really nice shots herself and has been a lovely supporter for a long time – thank you so much for your dear encouragement over the months! :aww:

16) June 9 – Blizzard1975 :heart:

To this day, even seeing your account encourages me and makes me blush. I doubt you’d even remember the first comment you left for me, but you made my day and supported me way back even when I had no idea what I was doing photography-wise. Thank you so much for your kind words and continued critiques, they still ring to this day. :hug: (…)

Ha, who would’ve thought that after all this time I’d actually be purchasing my own D3200 in December? :hug:
(Psst, you’re also an inspiring photographer and I’ve admired your work for a long time – go check him out, everyone!

17) June 9 – TrashcanAlphys :heart:
Trashie over here is the best. Amazing personality and amazing art xD
You’re seriously awesome fam, never change ^^
(I still cringe over my awkward introduction ughhh – I was so new to DeviantArt //sobs)

18) June 10 – Kopulus
Another great photographer who hasn’t posted in a while – please go back to posting more regularly if you’re able, I miss seeing your amazing captures! ^^

19) June 14 – gigi50

You are definitely one of those photographers I’m flattered to have watch me. Your photos are indescribably stunning and really inspire me with my own photos! Please please keep up your amazing work!

20) June 15 – SaraAgainstTheWorld :heart:
You are my sister. You’re an amazing, kind and talented person and I deeply cherish our friendship. You’re an inspiration to me and have been for a long time. I admire your self-confidence and you inspire me to be more confident myself – not only as a photographer but as a person. I’m proud to call myself your younger sister, you big show-off. :tighthug:
orange rose by SaraAgainstTheWorld

21) June 17 – UchihaSyerrent
An amazing anime artist you should definitely take the time to give some much-deserved support to!
Thank you for your unwavering feedback you’ve given me during my time on DeviantArt.

22) June 20 – MitoKurato

A very crafty deviant with a great avatar who’s been a long-time supporter. Thank you so much! ♡

23) June 20 – Yokeldayankee
Yokeldayankee takes some simply amazing shots and really deserves the recent milestone they’ve reached. Congratulations on 280 watchers – expect many more in the future! ^^

24) June 21 – Purpleskulls

I really love this photographer. Their photographs are always so diverse, unique and creative! To give you an idea - on their home page alone - they have photos of fireworks, beautiful scenes of Venice, a NA NA NA NA BATCAKE!, a silhouette of a bird, a monochrome flower shot and a picture of an airplane window. You’re amazing man, never change. :)

25) June 21 – 7Kiki
This person is such a talented watercolourist, seriously! :faint:
This picture here - - I don’t even watch Steven Universe and this picture evokes emotion from me. It’s simply stunning, like the rest of their gallery.

26) June 22 – heyitscoco
A talented traditional artist who’s on their way to becoming great – just look at this!

27) June 22 – shishas

Shishas takes some amazingly unique shots and is a talented photographer with an eye for interesting and compelling textures. Their photos are always texturally intriguing. :)

28) June 25 – Beanst3r :heart:

A memey guy that’s definitely got a knack for digital art :D
He’s a just great guy with an awesome personality and an amazing sense of humour. I swear he does the best Flowey voice I’ve ever heard. xD
Headcanon for sure, man.
Keep up your awesome work, I’m looking forward to it!

29) June 28 – IamtheHammer :heart:
Man, I can’t even tell you how much you made my day that one time. I’m sure you don’t even remember the comment (…) but you gave me such a boost in confidence and I hope I’ve continued to live up to expectations. Thank you so incredibly much for the kind words you gave to a mediocre photographer who was finding her way so long ago. :hug:
Your kind words won’t be forgotten, I promise you.

30) June 29 – Candy--Fizz :heart:
Give a cheer everyone for the amazing brob who inspired this journal! :tighthug:
I don’t even know what to say, you’re such a good friend and you’re so great at digital art! I must say for everyone else reading this – this amazing piece of absolute art has to be my favourite out of Candeh’s gallery:
Jokes aside, keep up your amazing work fam, and just keep being you – you’re such an incredibly kind soul. I’m glad to be considered your DA fam, right back at you :tighthug:
Angel Dragon Pagedoll :D by Candy--Fizz

31) July 3 – TrickyBreezeTB
You’re such a kind person and your art is absolutely goals – always so on-point and adorable. Your OC is also beautiful by the way, keep up the stunning work! ^^

32) July 3 – WeraHatake

This person I swear, their art is so awesome and clean! * u *
They’re a lovely soul and have been a loyal and cherished supporter of my photography for quite some time – give them some much-deserved love!

33) July 14 – abiggerline
I just have to start off with that I love the meaning behind your DeviantArt name, it’s so clever and creative. So wonderfully artsy. :)
You’re such a diverse artist and I love how your skill seems to span over the different mediums – from digital art, to Inktober, to photography.. Keep up your great work and thanks for being a watcher!

34) July 15 – TheScreamingCat
TheScreamingCat is a digital artist definitely on their way to becoming exceptionally talented! They draw a lot of cats and canines and their anatomy and fur seems to get better with each and every piece! Keep up your great work! C:

35) July 19 – AvocadoPhotography
I simply love your account! From the quirky name to the matching avatar, it’s just so eye-catching and unique! Your photos match this preface and all compel in a unique and beautiful way. :)

36) July 24 – CatgirlLizzie1234
Another talented anime artist! You always get your expressions spot-on and your style is absolutely lovely. ^^

37) July 26 – Toreshi
Two words and one chain of letters and symbols. “A-may-zing Art”…. That’s all I have to say, keep up your amazing work! :hug:

38) July 27 – pikyuuu
You have the best sense of colour coordination! Your adopts are always so unbelievably adorable and I wish so badly that I could afford one. Keep up your adorable art!

39) August 2 – Shmuffles This here is simply – adorable – ! Chibi goals, my friend. Chibi goals. Enough said. ;u;

40) August 3 – tulacoe
You’re a very diverse digital artist and your style is very cute. Keep it up! :)

41) August 4 – noobpinky

You’re always a familiar face in my notifications – thank you so much for your long-withstanding support! You’re definitely on your way to becoming a great digital artist, your style is already really cute! C: ♡

42) August 4 – AaronSmith87
You were an early inspiration in my photography and you always take stunning captures that continue to make me smile! This one here has to be favourite ^^

43) August 5 – robovelociraptor
Aah here’s one of my friends from good ol’ ProjectComment! Man, thank you so much for your kind words all those months ago and your continued support of my photos! ;u; You words especially helped motivate me to continue to take shots and to hear your surprise that I was self-taught – to this day I’m still flattered. (In case you don’t remember and you’re confused as to what this crazy photographer is even on about:…)
Your art style is really good as I told you even back then and you know what? I’m going to give you a watch – I’m sorry it’s taken so long! :hug:

44) August 5 – bonnietessa
Your gallery is so diverse and creative! :la: You take some great photos and your strong, creative editing adds that certain je ne sais quoi. Keep it up and thank you for your loyal support and feedback over the months!

45) August 5 – Meramatita
I had to search deep within the depths of your gallery – but you have adorable chibis? Showcase them, man! They’re really really cute! I don’t know if you still draw them and don’t post them anymore, but I reckon you should definitely keep drawing them if not!

46) August 6 – MomokoShinzoArts
Woah! You take some really nice animal shots! :D
Especially your recent one of a tiger – that’s captivating! It’s so in-focus for an animal shot – most definitely my favourite out of your amazing gallery ^^
Keep up your amazing work!
It is wood but my booty by MomokoShinzoArts

47) August 6 – PaMonk :heart:
What can I even say about dear, sweet PaMonk? ♡ You’re just such an amazing and kind person, not only to me but to everyone! You’re such a kind soul and it pleases me so much to hear that you’re recovering well. I wish you good health, dear friend! :rose: :hug:

48) August 6 – DevilSummoner01

Your avatar is simply goals, man. X’D Every time I see it I can’t help but smile.

49) August 8 – AMLensCreations
AMLensCreations! :hug:
You’re another photographer I am just so honoured to have watch me, your photos are always so amazing and I simply don’t have the words to describe. You inspire me, friend. :) Please keep up your amazing work, I’ll be watching!

50) August 9 – suck-my-arts
Your username. I love it so much. Don’t ever change. C;

51) August 9 – AkaneKyoko
Your digital art is so cute and pretty! :la:
Your anatomy is really on-point and I’m in love with the way you draw clothes, keep it up!

52) August 10 – ClaudiaDraws
I love how much your art improves between each deviation! You get better with each piece and it's apparent. :) You’re going to get really amazing with practice, I can tell!
(psst, you also have adorable guinea pigs!)

53) August 12 – Blazethedragon98
Me: *scrolls through your gallery*
“Oh wow – they have a really cute style!”
“WAIT. Is that--? Yes, it’s EDDSWORLD YES! XD” *high-fives you*

54) August 13 – chicathewolfaj

Your anatomy is so good! ;o
No matter what you say, the limbs and fur are perfect! Have some more belief, your art is great, fam. ♡ :hug:

55) August 16 – lilfirewolfe
Good digital art and photos? Talk about talented! :hug:
Thank you for your support over the past couple of months ^^

56) August 16 – Puripurr
I’ve been watching you for a long time now – your chibis are so unbelievably cute and you deserve all of the nearly 7000 watchers you have now! Congrats on your amazing art as well as the near-milestone!

57) August 19 – Kellaris
You don’t have any deviations but you have great taste in photography (as evidenced from your favourites) and I’m flattered to have you watch me ^^ Thank you for your kindness ♡

58) August 20 – AliceRandaLee

Your most recent picture is amazing ;o
The colours work so well together and as well as appearing ominous the picture is also elegant. Very appropriate for Halloween, beautiful work! ♡

59) August 20 – Flutter-Raiden

I'm in love with how you draw hair! It flows so well and the shading only further complements it, teach me your ways, o’ magnificent-haired one ~ xD

60) August 20 – LAHPhotography89
Another amazing animal photographer! I don’t know how you all do it, taking photos of animals is so difficult and time-consuming! But your photos are always so crisp and full of emotion – they’re beautiful! I just don’t know how you do it c:

61) August 20 – Darkohanzo
I’m so jealous of wherever it is you live, you have stunning photos and the scenery always appears to be so vibrant and colourful! Keep it up! c:

62) August 20 – Lenna-Primrose
You are honestly an inspiration photography-wise – your floral shots are simply captivating and their colours radiate off of the screen! Keep up your amazing work!

63) August 21 – Quillbreed92xxx
Your avatar is so unbelievably cute and adorable – it always makes me smile, haha! You’ve been a watcher for what feels like forever and you’re always so nice – thank you for your support c:

64) August 21 – JustJaxx
You create some really artistic and creative pieces! I like that the patterns are often repetitive and simple. Somehow you make simplicity in its essence look stunning! :D

65) August 21 – Featherheartist
Three words. “Unbelievably.” “Adorable.” “Sylveon.”
That’s all I have to say. :hug:
Sweet Sylveon by Featherheartist

66) August 22 – Danny-the-Hedghog
YoUR CHIBIS, NO _ YOUR ENTIRE GALLERY will be the absolute death of me! Depending on the style you’ve intended for a piece, your gallery goes from being adorable derpy to beautiful and elegant! You’re a fantastic digital artist, please keep up your work and keep practicing – you’re so unbelievably good! ;o

67) August 26 – EveKazami
It blows my mind that you’re able to draw hair so unbelievably well on paper with pencils! The shading and lighting is always so spot on – I can only imagine how amazing of a digital artist you’d be! Thank you for your support uwu

68) August 28 – shoree
Your drawing style is so cute! I couldn’t draw like that on paper, or even digitally actually lmao. Keep up your great work! ^^

69) August 30 – cat-of-the-unreal
Your adopts are always so precious, my lord! qwq
Thanks again for the custom adopt all that time ago, it’s still appreciated! :hug:
(He’s so adorable hhh)

70) September 3 – The-Sillly-Orca
Aah, I remember you! The one with the adorable llama friend from ProjectComment! :hug:
I don’t see you around all that much anymore, but I’m still so glad I could’ve made your day all that time ago ! ^^

71) September 7 – kurczatkoo
Your art is amazing! * u *
I don’t even know what to say, just insert all the comments from my favourite piece of yours because they’re all so true!

72) September 9 – IronMAYden99
This piece really speaks to my soul: Haha, jokes aside - you’re a lovely person and your photos have made me smile on several occasions and this one is no exception! Keep up the great work ^^

73) September 14 – Alcoatl
I don’t really know what to say x’D
I’m your only watcher and you haven’t posted anything lol
That being said, you have a wonderful personality and you’ve been an active supporter in the past – thank you! ;u;

74) September 15 – Eruanna17

I can’t even express in words how honoured I am to have someone like yourself watch an amateur like me. :faint: :heart:
It encourages me so incredibly much to continue, thank you so much for your kind support ;u; ♡

75) September 17 – snoogaloo :heart:

You are honestly one of the kindest souls I have ever met, my friend. :hug:
From the lovely conversations we have to your feedback on my photos even to the invitation to your group – thank you so incredibly much for your overwhelming kindness! You are honestly such a lovely and genuine person – please, never change. :rose:
Pink waterlily by snoogaloo

76) September 17 – Kawaakarie

I love your style of art so much! * w *!
Anyone else reading this, go check this person out! They really deserve it! ;u;

77) September 19 – Cinnamoncandy
Another person I’m honoured to have watch me – your photos are absolutely breathtaking and superb! Always so vibrant, unique and captivating – thank you for flattering me with a watch! :rose:

78) September 20 – Tanner-55

You are such a kind soul! I remember you specifically and you’re always so kind, not only to me but seemingly to everyone you come across! :)

79) September 24 – Johnny-Aza

Your photography is beautiful, my friend! Especially your captures of the sunset, they’re stunning. :aww: I hope you keep it up!

80) September 26 – KerAris
Your photos are simply captivating! I wish I could take photos like yours – they’re always so unique and vibrant! Please continue to take shots and grace us all with their beauty! ♡

81) September 26 – Lionessrules
Lionessrules takes stunning nature shots – especially of birds! You’ve earned so much respect from me for the quality and crispness of your wildlife captures, they simply astound me! :)

82) October 4 – KirstenAndHerCamera
I can’t express enough how honoured I am to have a photographer of your calibre watch me, thank you so incredibly much for the encouragement! Your photos are stunning. * o * ♡

83) October 11 – catazarch
Your sketches are mind-blowing! You’re so talented and creative, you must have a skilled hand. :D

84) October 17 – Gelu509
How can I even begin to describe Gelu509? He’s a courteous gentleman as well as an unbelievably-talented photographer. Definitely one of my biggest inspirations – and I can’t believe he watches me! :faint: :rose:
If you haven’t already, you simply must go look at his gallery!
1136 by Gelu509

85) October 18 – LordoftheElves
You take some really nice flower photos – you’ll lucky to have so many subjects to take beautiful photos of. ^^ Thank you for your support!

86) October 19 – xXEmeraldPESXx :heart:
Talk about a doppelgänger. From a purely coincidental meeting on DeviantArt came the realisation that there’s a lot more to Paris over here than what meets the eye. :hug:
She maintains a successful (and entertaining XD) YouTube channel and her art is really great, I highly recommend checking her out and giving her a watch! :aww:
Elder Rayman: Hero of the Glade (updated) by xXEmeraldPESXx

87) October 23 – Midoni-Dreemurr-AT
A great digital artist who’s the meme-iest meme to ever have memed lmao xD

88) October 30 – AngelCat3000 :heart:

You told me not too long ago that not even people in real life were as nice as me, but the same applies to you, my dear friend! :hug: :rose:
You’re such a kind-spirited soul and you’re truly so kind and genuine. I love the conversations we share and although I’m quite shy, you encourage me to talk more with the gentle way in which you speak. Thank you just for being you. :aww:
Don’t you ever change, either – you’re so beautiful and pure of heart ^^ :heart:
Childhood by AngelCat3000

89) October 31 – CuteDrawerKathy

Your chibis are out of this world, they simply kill me with their adorableness! They take their cuteness, form it into a knife and physically stab me in the face over and over. Your style is so cute and crisp – I love it so much!

90) November 7 – I-am-Leonidas
I love what a diverse artist you are. :aww:
From traditional art, to digital art, to photography . ! You must be so talented ^^
Thank you for your support of my photography c:

91) November 7 – schafsheep :heart:
I am simply honoured to have schafsheep support my photography endeavours. :rose:
They are such a lovely person as well as an unbelievably talented photographer! You’re one of my biggest inspirations – please never stop doing what you do :hug:
es wird winter by schafsheep

92) November 8 – Buddylicious

Your photographs are so unbelievably creative! This picture in particular inspires me as a photographer as well as a person – it’s such a great concept and it is executed with great composition ^^

93) November 8 – Amioliia
Your art style is so cute and I admire the development between pieces :aww:
You’re going to get really amazing with practice, I can tell you now :hug:
Thank you for your support!

94) November 9 – RillGaming This painting is absolutely stunning! The concept behind it is so meaningful and the finished product is so compelling and vibrant – please keep up this amazing quality of work!

95) November 9 – darklordf
Your gallery is full of stunning captures! Very colourful and eye-catching – I especially love your close-up nature captures, they’re gorgeous. Keep at it! :rose:

96) November 9 – seek-and-hide
Definitely a photography idol over here! :)
Seek-and-hide is an astounding photographer with beautiful and captivating pictures! This is my personal favourite, it’s absolutely stunning:
Thank you for inspiring me and also for the support – it’s extremely encouraging ^^

97) November 9 – Agressive-Jello
Everything about your account makes me smile. From your amazing name and avatar to the beautiful artwork contained within your gallery, there’s nothing not to love. :aww:
For anyone else reading this, you should definitely go check their beautiful work!

98) November 9 – elirab007
I love your art style! The lineless deviations especially, their designs are so crisp, cartoony and lovably simplistic! Wonderful work, please keep it up! :)
Oh, and happy birthday! :rose:

99) November 10 – Proxyr

Proxyr has a diverse gallery and appears to be a talented digital artist who can actively draw a variety of subjects! Keep up the great work and thank you for the watch. ;u;

100) November 11 – purikins
Aah, my 100th watcher! ^^
Omg you do amazing digital art! Fam! *Instantly watched*
Your Undertale art is goals – seriously amazing!

Okay, so originally I planned to do this for all my watchers but there have been two many over the past week! Nearly twenty! That's crazy ; w ;
However, two Deviants in particular deserve a shout-out regardlessly ♡

104) November 11 – Lunathesilent
Lunathesilent is one of the best people ever. Legitimately. She’s amazing ; o ;. Like, the-first-person-I’ve-ever-spent-real-money-to-commission amazing :’). She’s just so nice and such an amazing artist – her style is captivating and so incredibly vibrant! Go watch her right now, I swear! You won’t be disappointed. ;u; psst I can’t believe she’s watching me aaahhhh //intense blushing ♡
Beans of Justice by Lunathesilent

108) November 12 - Nikonfinest

Nikonfinest is an inspiration – if you have the slightest interest in photography, you simply must go watch this deviant! Their photos are out of this world and so amazingly impactful, they’re unbelievably stunning, creative and crisp! Honestly, I’m incredibly flattered to have her watch me – she’s definitely someone I can learn a lot from and look up to! :tighthug:
Bliss from an autumn tree by Nikonfinest

Thank you all for taking the time to read this 'thank-you', I can't express my appreciation enough for all the wonderful friends I've made over the past six months ;u; ♡
I hope you have an amazing day!



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Blizzard1975 Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Hello Paris,
I just made a little stop by to say hello and to look how your photography is going on. :)
Best wishes from Germany
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schafsheep Featured By Owner May 3, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
time for some sheep :)
Rainbow Sheep Rainbow Sheep Rainbow Sheep Rainbow Sheep !
thanks for the favs very motivating and encouraging! Hug 
GwynConawayArt Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017  Professional
Thanks for faving!
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